The Abundant Life International School is committed to guiding our students to achieve academic excellence, virtuous character and a Bible-centered worldview. Our mission is to equip our graduates to achieve their vocational objectives, preparing them academically to continue their education in any college or university in the world. At the same time, we will guide them, through our Bible-based curriculum and Christian school environment, to live their lives from a Christ-centered perspective. Our mission is to prepare tomorrow’s leaders to serve their communities and country with integrity, courage, knowledge and godly wisdom.

Our goal is to enable each of our students to discover the unique gifting and calling that God has for them, encouraging them to live lives pleasing to God. We strive to be faithful to this generation of students by communicating a Godly vision that inspires and influences them in their lives and world.


At the very core of the Abundant Life International School is Biblical truth, the beginning of all wisdom and knowledge. All other values germinate from that truth. The resulting values at the core of ALIS are: integrity, mutual respect, love of self and others, godly character, spiritual and intellectual growth and respect for our community.