Our trilingual program is specially designed for any students who want to become fluent in 3 languages (Khmer, English and Chinese). The Khmer curriculum offered is the same as that in the Cambodian state schools. The English curriculum is a very demanding course of study following the same curriculum as our school in the United States. The core subjects are taught in English for half of each day and the necessary Khmer classes to meet government graduation requirements are taught for the other half of the day. Additionally, Chinese is offered as a foreign language beginning at K-4, giving our students the opportunity to be trilingual.

Khmer Curriculum

The Khmer curriculum at ALIS is the same as in the Cambodian state schools as required by the Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Students are required to write the Grade Nine State Examination and the High School Exit Examination with all the other students in the Cambodian Public Schools.

Upon satisfactory completion of the Khmer Course of study and successfully passing the high school exit examination prepared by the Ministry of Education, Cambodian students will be awarded a diploma by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Royal Government of Cambodia. This certificate is the same as that issued by the public schools in Cambodia.

English Curriculum

The English curriculum at ALIS is based on American standards of teaching English for native speakers. The program offers the same quality of education as the Abundant Life International School in the United States. The textbooks and curriculum are identical to our American School. English is the primary language used in all areas.

Chinese Program

Our Chinese Program derives its international standard from the educational system in China. Chinese is taught as the third language and it is part of our Cambodian Curriculum.