Help to rebuild the educational structure

From 1975-1979, Cambodia was systematically torn apart from its highest governmental levels all the way down to the most fundamental foundation of the family. The brutal Khmer Rouge, led by Pol Pot, murdered 21% of Cambodia’s population targeting the aged, educated and professional classes of society. Their goal was an agrarian society that could easily be controlled and their means were genocide and displacement of the population from the cities to the province (countryside). The Khmer Rouge divided children from their parents in order to re-educate a new class in their controlling brutality.

One of the results of that brutality was a fractured educational system. Teachers from around the world are helping to put it back together. Finally, Cambodian children are able to receive a world-class education without having to leave their home country.

Experience the Cambodia Culture

Explore beautiful countryside villages. Take a guided tour through ancient Cambodian ruins. Experience the Cambodian culture; it’s rich tradition and colorful markets. Walk along the riverside and enjoy the many annual festivals!

Great Food!

Whether you are looking for the exquisite or the ordinary, you will find it in Phnom Penh! Beautiful restaurants from all over the world and markets filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. You will find streets lined with vendors and quaint Cafe’s. There are also many western stores where you can purchase American brands.

Genuinely Kind and Friendly People

Cambodians are lovely, gentle and always friendly people. In the middle of a traffic jam or in small interactions like bargaining with a tuk tuk driver there are always smiles and laughter.

Great Opportunities

Cambodia and ALIS offer an abundance of opportunities for teachers. Foreign experience is highly valued here and foreign teachers are well respected. The most satisfying experience is watching third world children grow into well educated, tri-lingual scholars.

Explore the ancient beauty and wonders of Cambodia

Angkor Wat is Cambodia’s ultimate national symbol. It’s a historical masterpiece, dauntingly massive, creating that unmistakable skyline against the rising or setting sun. It is a must-see, even more amazing in person.

Take a break

Experience lazy little towns like Kampot and Kep. They’ll make you forget all your worries and give you a chance to “re-charge.” Relax in the laid-back attitude and gorgeous sights.


Experience miles and miles of intense jungle fauna, still filled to the brim with wild animals. Imagine real treks into the dense forests, spotting wild elephants, encountering hidden waterfalls, and discovering lost temples and forgotten cities! It’s all available in Cambodia.

Low cost of living

Cambodia can be as inexpensive as you want it to be. Most expats can survive on less than a fourth what they earn back home.

Inspire a Nation

Life in Phnom Penh, the capital city, is quickly changing. It’s an exciting and rewarding time to be a part of what God is doing in Cambodia.