Primary School: Grades 1 – 6

For the 2013-2014 academic year, ALIS offers primary grade 1 to grade 6. The addition of one grade per year will continue until we have the complete course of studies for grades K4 through 12.

At ALIS we recognize that the role of the educator is to determine the learning style of the child and then create an environment that will allow that child to develop to his full potential. We work with the parents to ensure that the children learn and develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually. We never have more than 25 students in a class, allowing for close individual attention.

The early years in school form a child’s attitude toward learning. Our aim is to provide opportunities for our students to discover their own creative and intellectual abilities. We equip them to face and conquer new challenges, giving them a solid foundation on which to build in the years to come.

The ALIS curriculum is comprised of a combination of A Beka, Apologia, Bob Jones University, Saxon, Apololia and Little Patriots courses of study. The total course of study for students in grade 1 – 6 are as follows:

  1. Language Arts:This includes: Phonics, Reading, Grammar, Spelling and Poetry. We also use this time to develop the students’ oral speaking skills.
  2. Math:ALIS uses Saxon Math which presents concepts in an orderly, incremental manner, building on prior learning and including consistent year-long review.
  3. History & Geography:At ALIS students learn a combination of U.S., Cambodian, world history and geography.
  4. Science:ALIS Science presents God as the Master Designer of the world around us. The studies of plants, animals, insects, energy, health, the seasons, and the five senses provide an excellent introduction to science, with the emphasis on building student interest and augmenting reading skills.
  5. Health, Safety and Manners:This class introduces students to the importance of good health habits and gives God the glory for the way He has designed us. Students learn about nutrition, exercise, proper sleep habits, good posture, safety habits, and manners.
  6. Music:Each grade develops age appropriate music skills. Additionally, our students are offered classes in guitar, piano and other musical activities.
  7. Physical Education:In addition to the development of physical strength and coordination, this class introduces our students to the importance of extra curricular activities and the value of working together as a team. At ALIS, we offer swimming, basketball, dance, Taekwondo and other sports programs as physical education.
  8. Foreign Languages:ALIS teaches the Khmer Language, Chinese and American English, available for all students.
  9. Computer:Students are taught the basic computer operations including, word processing, email, and Microsoft Word. Beginning in 5th grade student will be taught Power Point and Graphic Design (Photoshop, In Design…)